Real Estate Laws and How They Pertain to LGBD Marriages

Laws concerning property ownership always have to be figured into the mix when a married couple purchases the property jointly. In cases of couples just living together who aren’t legally married, however, the issue can be a bit stickier. This is true of heterosexual couples as well as LGBD couples, but the laws tend to be more blurred in the case of the LGBDs. After all, not every state recognizes gay marriages or divorces, and in every state the laws are different. While some states, such as Iowa and Massachusetts, permit gay and lesbian marriages, most other states do not. So how exactly does the law address real estate coupled with LGBD ownership?

As with almost anyone, real estate can be a great investment. Now is the time to buy properties at far less than their original prices and then wait for the housing market to bounce back. Everything should be well and good. However, what if you and your mate have a serious falling out as so many other couples do? Have you ever considered the issue of getting a divorce if you enter into a gay marriage? A typical divorce not only dissolves the union between two people, but it also grants property settlements, including the ownership of a jointly-owned home. Without this legal intervention, most irate partners would find it difficult to reach agreements about disposing of assets, such as property.

People who have been in LGBD marriages, though, have discovered that it’s not as easy as it should be to get a divorce if that time should come. True, none of us want to believe that a divorce could be in our future, but we all need to face reality. It happens. In the case of LGBD individuals, getting a divorce may prove to be an impossibility. Even in states that recognize LGBD marriages, there may be no such thing as an LGBD divorce. Even if a sympathetic judge might want to grant you a divorce, in a state where gay marriages aren’t recognized, there will be no way he can do so. While states cooperate and reciprocate in most legal matters, this is not the case with LGBD divorces.

So how can you protect your real estate investment when you know there won’t be an opportunity for legal recourse should you divorce? Finding the right people to help you is the key here. Start by using an LGBD relator who has the expertise to steer you in the right direction. You will also need to hire an LGBD attorney who knows how the laws will pertain to you.

Always ask a lot of questions, and be sure that you never sign anything without knowing what you could be running into. These are reasons for going to the expense of hiring an attorney who has expertise in the field of LGBD law. Taking these initial steps before you ever co-sign a loan agreement or purchase property together will stand you in good stead should that unfathomable day you want a divorce or separation actually occur.

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How to Invest in This Real Estate Market

‘Which approach do I use get deals in the sizzling market of real estate?’ This is a recurrent question am frequently asked. Essentially, there are various ways of getting deals in the sizzling real estate business. It all relies on the risk level you are prepared to take and investment objectives. I am personally conservative in a sizzling market. I might make less amounts of money than those that speculate and purchase due to a hot market. However, your risk tolerance and objectives might be different.Some diverse real estate temperaments and their approach of finding real estate properties are described here: The speculator: this is a genius when it comes to HOT markets. Speculators do not go wrong since whatever amount he pays at present there will be another person prepared to pay extra in future. Just like stock markets, when one is hot, one is hot and everyone is a winner.The negative aspect for speculators occurs when an end comes to every good thing. When an end comes, sometimes the speculator may get stuck while carrying the bag. I have no objections to speculation but have zero tolerance or patience for whining after the ride ends. Like Russina Roulette, the odds for winning are five out of six which is good.On the positive aspect, speculators can make more money. If one rapidly gets in and out of a deal, the risk is restricted to the holdings one has at any particular moment. Markets regularly return artificial profits and this is a flip side of the speculating approach. Paying more than the worth of a property is a risk one can get in and is a horrible position to face in case the market rapidly turns around.Investors are normally eager to reimburse retail prices then sell at high values in new markets due to the rush of customers when the market is hot. There is a danger in this game. Incase one decides to play the game, ensure one understands all risks one is likely to face and have a tactic of resolving them in case the risk strikes one. Just like when trading commodities, managing risks is an important game to master as rewards come with risks.The investor: a dream for speculators is a real estate market on fire, which is a nightmare for investors. This is because approaches that worked before no longer bear similar results. One’s efforts for marketing may face decreased efficiency and one is likely to have few chances of purchasing properties at discounted rates one had accustomed to. Even it market results plummet, this situation is depressing as the only way out is by marketing more so as to improved one’s marketing techniques.Hot markets can result in a big blow to the self-confidence of the investor. It makes an investor halt and question if at all they are engaging in something wrong. There is nothing wrong done but there is a need for change. Because marketing is not very effective in hot markets, investors need to spend more time in marketing for them to create sufficient leads. Specializing in a single field and dominating one niche is a possibility. Some possibilities include bankruptcies, pre-foreclosures, tax liens field, divorce filings, quitclaim property, eviction notices and death noticesWhenever a market becomes HOT, it is wise to search for opportunities for buying ‘subject to’ properties as they create a perfect cash flow. Whenever there is a flow in property cash, it is not easy to go wrong. What is done in HOT real estate markets? Personally, I have sold most properties and realized cash profits. Now I am apprehensively waiting for a turn in the markets. I am certain when this happens, there will be a rush from many investors for a cover while I will be among the few that will be picking up deals. At this instance, the complete investing game changes and I will give an explanation on what should be done in this market later.Conversely, do not conclude that I am not buying houses anymore. We still sell houses at a wholesale and many times the profits are less, but we make cash money with no risk the same day with cash flowing in and out. Still, there are many deals available and there are no problems faced. No one knows when markets will turn and maybe no one will ever know. It also does not matter even if one knows and has tactics of investing in current markets. However, let me inform you why people think markets will revolutionize.1. Market Cycle: Nothing is resistant to the rise and fall of markets and cycles are a natural component of the entire process. Whenever housing is less, people will rush to build more houses. Once enough houses have been built, everyone stops building. Then a time comes when houses are less and the cycle carries on repeatedly.2. Interest Rates: When there is a rise in interest rates, the affordability of houses by buyers is likely to reduce. This in return affects prices, new homes construction and prices. When the market resumes back to normal, smart investors will be keen to buy complete subdivision ventures from the bankrupt developers. Most houses in hot markets are pre-sold but when they get finished, most developers get in deep trouble as they depend on profits and deposits from pre-sold houses once construction is finished.3. The Economy of the U.S.: For over a century, the United States has held the position of the greatest financial powerhouse in the world. The United States economy has managed to shove its mass around. At this moment, the United States market faced numerous natural cycles. However, this has been changing rapidly and the Euro is now the world’s currency. This has been demonstrated by the strength of the Euro and the many countries scaling back T-Bonds (United States dollar) and using Euros instead. The dollar has taken a through beating with the Euro replacing it.Merge this information with a deficit of 50 billion dollars per month and one will find out that there is something wrong. Combine and see the big picture that goes beyond hot markets. Apart from the economy of the United States, there is plenty of work making its way via services on the internet. This is every entrepreneurs dream as it offers a market economy that is free. However, to American employees, this is a vicious wake-up call.Will markets turn? Constantly, and whenever they do, we will regulate or amend our marketing investment strategies and make immense profits.

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Term Life Insurance Companies, Their Ratings And More

There are countless term insurance life insurance companies. As someone who’s been a life insurance professional for more than 20 years, I can honestly say that the best term life insurance companies, the top rated term life insurance companies, and the best rated term life insurance companies are very similar. It’s not to say they are all exactly alike but they are usually similar. To compare term life insurance companies is really a matter of what’s important to prospective insurance client.Your priorityMy experience has been that what most people are concerned with when it comes to term insurance is what it will cost them.Clearly some term life insurance companies are more highly rated by companies such as A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor.Some of the factors that determine a company’s rating are:

Financial strength

Financial stability

Ability to pay claims

Claims paying expediency
If any of these factors, among the others that are used, are important to you when you compare term life insurance companies, how important are these factors to you in comparison to price?What if one company is considered one of the best term life insurance companies in the industry but the premium cost is double that for the same amount of coverage by one that is not considered one of the best rated term life insurance companies?What’s your priority?RatingsSimilar to being in school, term life insurance companies and all insurance companies are rated on an A-F basis.Seems easy to understand, right?Did you know that and “A” rated company can be rated anywhere from A++ to A-?Did you know that different ratings companies, including those mentioned above use different criteria to determine ratings?Did you know that an insurance company can be rated differently by the different ratings companies?If an insurer receives a favorable rating from one rating company and a less favorable one from another rating company, which one do you think they’re going to make sure you’re aware of?UnderwritingInsurance companies use the term underwriting to determine who pays how much for what. Different companies have different underwriting guidelines. Its name literally means that someone in the company places a signature on the policy saying a particular person meets the company’s underwriting guidelines.There are three main methods used for underwriting life insurance policies:

Fully underwritten-most common-may involve medical exam (blood/urine specimen/attending physician statement).

Simplified issue-less common-no medical exam-decision regarding issue usually swift

Guaranteed issue-anyone who applies and meets certain conditions is guaranteed that a policy will be issued-(includes accidental death insurance and graded death benefit policies)
There are also different underwriting classifications. The most common:

Preferred-best rates

Standard-most common

Sub-standard, also known as rated or table
Some companies subdivide the classifications. For example:

Super preferred

Ultra preferred

Standard plus
Table can be in the form of a number (usually 1-6) or a letter (usually A-G) – the higher the number or letter, the higher the premium.ConvertibilitySome companies allow for conversion of a term policy to a permanent policy at a later date without proving insurability.Other companies allow for conversion but require proof of insurability.Some companies do not offer convertibility at all.If convertibility is offered, it is often within certain time limits.If you’re sure you want term and nothing else, then this is not something you need to consider.PriceThe main factors that affect price:1. Health2. Age3. Life styleThey are numbered as such because that is generally the order of priority companies use to classify prospective clients.Poor health can and will exclude someone regardless of age and lifestyle and no amount of money will buy insurance. On the other hand excellent health can go a long way in reducing premiums.A person’s age is the next factor. The age is compared to mortality rates. Different companies have different charts for mortality rates.Another way to describe mortality rate is how many years someone of their age is away from death.Statistically speaking, insurance companies know pretty accurately how many people of a certain age will die before their next birthday.Life style is the third factor. The most common consideration is whether someone smokes but there are others as well, such as what someone does for a living. Certain professions are more hazardous than others.A person’s hobbies have an effect as well. Sky diving, and speed racing are often frowned upon, and may not result in denial of coverage, but could result in higher premiums.Regardless of all factors, female rates are nearly always lower than male rates.Fully underwritten vs. simplified issue vs. guaranteed issueAll things being equal, fully underwritten is going to result in the best priced premium. However, often times all things are not equal.Are you sure your health is as good as you think it is or is it possible a blood/urine sample, saliva swab, or doctor’s report could reveal something you’re not aware of, or if you’re not the most ethical person, perhaps something you simply don’t want to reveal?A fully underwritten policy takes much more into consideration when determining rating class and price than a simplified issue policy.Depending on your point of view, that can be an advantage or a disadvantage.Assuming you’re being honest and there’s not already information reported about you to the medical information bureau (MIB), your chances of a policy being issued as applied for are as high as 9 out of 10 if you apply for a simplified issue policy.On the other hand, there is about a 60% chance you will not qualify for a fully underwritten policy as applied for.A guaranteed issue policy will definitely be issued. You will know if you qualify before actually signing the application. It’s either yes or no. However because it’s guaranteed, the price is usually much higher, unless it is a conditional policy such as an accidental death policy.ConclusionUnless you know the ropes and/or can take the time to weigh all the factors when comparing term life insurance companies, an experienced professional can steer you the best term life insurance companies for you to consider.Having said that, if you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll get the insurance you want, it’s best to buy a guaranteed issue policy.If you’re pretty sure you’re in good health but don’t want to go to the trouble of a medical exam or paramedical exam (blood/urine), or you don’t want to reveal certain matters that could affect your ability to obtain insurance, you should consider a simplified issue policy.Once you qualify for a policy, assuming no fraud is involved, the only one who can cancel the policy once it’s been issued is you. The insurance company cannot cancel you as long as the premiums are paid.Perhaps it makes sense to apply for a guaranteed or simplified issue policy first. Once issued then shop for the best price and/or the best rated term life insurance companies.What’s best for you?I invite any and all questions and comments.

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